Saturday, February 23, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Kid MK - Courtesy of The London Underground and Social Talk

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Through working in the London and Toronto music scene promoting and shooting events I was familiar with Alex Tribe, AKA Kid MK. I knew that he had a strong presence in London and T.O, dating back to 2004, and I have actually seen him spin a few times over the past few years. I always love his high-energy sets, pulling from many different genres, but I never really knew much more beyond that. The ladies love him and the crowd thrives off his energetic sets. When he agreed to do the interview I was excited to understand more about himself and his music. I wanted to open the door up to his life as a DJ, and of course, Kid MK delivered. Without giving away too much, allow me to introduce to you more personal side of Kid MK.

Let’s kick things off with how long ago you started working in the music industry as a DJ/Producer? How did Kid MK come to exist? 

I would say I probably got started producing hip-hop back in about 2004 or so. I started working with a bunch of Toronto artists and would spend all my weekends in the studio recording and working. The original Kid MK was a guy who couldn't stand house parties or night clubs and would rather spend Friday nights just working on tunes and the name was given to me by some of the artists and friends I was working with at the time. I was a bit more behind the scenes then and was more interested in working and recording in the studio then going out to the club. It wasn't until I started DJ'ing and started playing out when I learned how to enjoy a good party! 

For the full interview courtesy of The London Underground and Social Talk click here! 

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