Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Reid Stefan (NY)

As many of you already know, Reid Stefan has to be one of my favourite Producers to grace the EDM scene in the past few years! His dedication to the music industry shows that with time, hard work,  and true talent, success is possible. I began following Reid on Facebook when he had just 493 likes and now with his new page (formerly DJ Reidiculous) he has almost 30,000 likes and a massive following of fans! His unique sound coupled with consistency has been a huge contribution to his success, in my opinion. Reid Stefan graciously accepted the offer to do another interview with Social Talk and I'm very happy to be sharing it with you all (check out the first one here). It's now time to get to know Reid a little bit better! Enjoy!

1.  How are you?

I’m doing very well! Super busy between all my shows and remix projects.

2.  What has been going on in the world of Reid Stefan the last few months?

Lots and lots of music production, trying to prepare as many original songs in between my remix projects.

3.  Tell us about your Las Vegas Residency.

The Vegas residency came about through my manager who had been spinning at Rehab for the past couple years. He convinced them to let me on for an opening set, and they ended up liking my show and giving me a once a month residency!

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4.  When can we expect the next original from you? And remix?

I am promoting a bunch of original tracks around to record labels at the moment. I want them to have the first listen because labels like to release unheard material. As far as my remixes go, I finish remix projects almost every week for record labels, but I have to wait for them to release the track before I can post it. So at the moment, I’ve just been waiting on a bunch of tracks.

5.  I know you’ve probably been asked this a few thousand times, but why the name change? DJ Reidiculous will live on!

I dropped the title DJ Reidiculous and started using my actual name because Reidiculous was kind of goofy and I didn’t feel like it properly represented my serious work. Also having a DJ name with the letters “DJ” in the beginning often has a tacky unprofessional connotation. Secondly, being a DJ is secondary to what my main focus is, which is being a music producer. Reid Stefan has been working wonderfully for me since I changed my artist name!

6.  Any big collaborations coming up?

I just finished a remix for Sak Noel’s latest track. I am not looking to collaborate with other producers at the moment because I need to establish my own sound and style. I did send a bunch of good instrumentals to some record labels to have their singers write lyrics too, but I haven’t received any vocals back from them yet. Hopefully a great singer gets their hands on one of my songs!

7.  Have you seen any movies lately? Any recommendations?

I actually can’t stand watching TV and Movies. It makes me feel like I’m wasting my time haha. The last time I saw a movie was on the flight to my New Years Eve performance in Indonesia. It was free to watch some crappy not-so-new releases.

8.  Do you have snap chat?

Hell yeah!! ReidStefan is my username.

9.  What’s a typical day in the life of Reid Stefan?

If it’s a day where I don’t have a meeting, performance, or radio station visit, I usually wake up around 9am and work on music with a couple food breaks until around midnight. If I have somewhere to be that day, I work on music in between my obligations. I’m pretty much on my computer all the time.

10.  What’s the craziest fan interaction you have had?

Nothing too crazy yet. I’ve had some really cool artwork sent to me from fans, I’ve come across a few fan pages created on my behalf, and I always try to dump some shots into peoples mouths from the DJ booth!

11.  What is your favorite song at the moment?

I don’t like to pick favorites, because experiencing the same thing over and over again always ruins the excitement. Some new releases I really like are Tiesto’s remix of Get Loose, and Watch Out For This by Major Lazer.

12.  What is your personal number one played song/remix?

Definitely my Icona Pop vs. Knife Party mashup on my Vegas Bootleg Pack

13.  What else are you obsessed with beyond music?

Girls, food, traveling, and girls.

14.  When you’re taking time off from producing and DJing, what do you in your spare time?

I like to go check out other DJs that come through NYC. I visit Pacha NYC often. It’s also good to maintain a close relationship with my local club owners!

15.  Do you ever get any fan mail? If so, tell us about it.

My manger gets all of it now haha. He does forward me all the good fan letters, artwork, videos, and remixes. I love to see how my hard work is inspiring my younger listeners!

16.  What’s your favourite fast food restaurant?

Probably Popeyes. They have those bangin’ French fries!!

17.  What’s the weirdest thing on your rider list?

My performance rider is very basic, 2 CDJ2000s, 1 Pioneer DJM mixer, and a bottle of Jack Daniels!

18.  What’s your favourite follow on twitter?

My favorite account to follow on twitter would probably be Tommie Sunshine or Kaskade. They both never hesitate to express their opinions!

19.  Who has been your biggest supporter to date?

Probably Calvin Harris, Sak Noel, or Fedde Le Grand. They have all shown some priceless support for my tracks.

20.   Do you ever miss not being in the spotlight and constantly having people to answer to and expectations to live up to?

If I have a couple weeks without a big show, I get really anxious to get back on stage. I always look forward to my performances. Being an independent solo artist is great because I don’t have to answer to anybody’s expectations, I simply have to stay dedicated and keep working on producing the best tracks possible.

21.  What kind of music do you listen to?

I really only get to listen to music when I’m driving. I use that time to check my mixes, and preview tracks in the car. Other than that, I follow my favorite producers on SoundCloud and check out their podcasts as they’re released.

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