Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In The Mix 1.0 - The Killabits - Hot 107.1 FM Mix

 In the past month or so I've been featuring a lot of mixes and this has lead me to introduce a new weekly feature "In The Mix". To kick things off I wanted to feature a favourite DJ/Production duo of mine, The Killabits. The Killabits did a live to air radio feature mix on Denver's Hot 107.1 FM and they have graciously released the mix as a free download via their SoundCloud (link below). The mix, which features primarily dubstep originals and remixes, will be a great addition to my iPod and perfect for those 'heavier' pre-drinks!  The Grid TO has recently named The Killabits 'One To Watch' in the coming months ahead. Congratulations guys! Check out that article here and don't forget to check out their mix below which includes the track listing (on their SoundCloud page). 

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